Hello, my name is Margie Rigney and I’m severely overweight.

My husband loves me. My family loves me. I’m a very lucky woman.

I come from a world where bacon grease is a spice.

I used to think I was just “overweight” but after heading back to the gym and doing the math, I found out otherwise and it scared the grits out of me!

I’m not the kind of overweight where you might need to skip a meal and then your jeans fit better, but the kind of overweight that makes you move your car seat back, just so you don’t rub the steering wheel and those favorite jeans are now on a hanger in the back of your closet along with your twenty year old wedding dress. 

I’ve tried it all. Lo-carb, starvation, diet groups and self loathing. (Mostly that last one).

I’m tired of being the largest gal in the room, the tired mama who can’t get on the floor with her kids without getting an airlift and I’m ready as I approach the last few years of my forties to get serious about my health and hopefully open an entirely new world to my family that includes eating better without surrendering our taste buds. 

Good-for-you food doesn’t have to be bland, counting calories doesn’t have to be a chore and I’ve tried everything else so what do I have to lose?

Welcome to a world that is entirely new to me.

While I may never have the body of a twenty year old, hopefully I won’t still have the body of two.

My goal for this blog is to journal my successes and failures…with a heavy dose of humor for both.


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  1. Hi M, just wanted to encourage you on your fitness journey. I was on the track with you today at the gym wanted to talk but didn’t want to stop your workout.. My journey includeds my first 5K three years ago at age 48 I ran through the lights at the horse park in the snow!!! I recently ran my third 1/2 marathon. I feel great most of the time!!!! and I too want my children to know what a healthy lifestyle looks like. Keep up the great job and enjoy the journey. I encourage you to do a few of the classes offered at the gym you will enjoy it and meet some wonderful people too, We have a lot in common talk to ya later. Jen

    • SO glad you checked in here! I am so impressed with your progress and your go get ’em attitude! Good for you. I am hoping to finish my first 5k in April and I did a 3K in March that I loved participating in. It just made me feel so good to know I can complete one. 🙂
      See you at the gym and I am so glad you stopped in to say hello!

  2. I enjoyed our chat at the gym this morning, Its funny I know we haven’t met before bur you seem so familiar to me, I was thinking about that on my way home. Maybe you remind me of someone, I enjoy your wit and humor. You will do great at your race, you will own it . See you at the gym! Jen

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