A few short years…


Just a few short years ago, I was an avid runner/hiker/trekker.
Then, like the saying goes; “Life happened”.
I put away my running shoes, my boots, my layered tops and leggings and expeditiously put on the near 65 pounds I had lost, in just under 6 months.

Then, recently I lost 25 pounds without really thinking about it.
Because Life, was happening again. Except this time it was joy with a touch of chaos and not life altering grief, building a new house, selling a house, starting a brand new business and finding out we were scheduled to move out of state by 2020.

This was new.
This was busy.
This was mid life calling.

Loudly, on a bull horn.

“Find your place Margie! All in or all out.”

So I started thinking about my own needs again, eating better, finding time to decompress and then I got sick. Really sick. With a side car of Steroids. Twice. And put on 10 pounds.

But Winter is here. My very favorite time of the year to be outdoors.
I love the colder weather.
I love that nobody else does.
Because that means, just about wherever I hike or trek, I am flying solo or with just a partner or two and that is a pretty rare thing if you are accustomed to a large family most of the time.

But Winter is here.
Just like it always is.
I have new boots.
I have a new schedule so I can find my way again and I am only working three days at the gallery. My time for discovery of my trekking legs is here again and I am going out on this roller coaster for another ride.

I may fail.
I may find myself too tired to even complete what I used to do, but I have my ticket, new boots and some XXXL leggings and layers.

It is all good.
I have these pictures of my past adventures to make me smile and keep me motivated too.
Enjoy what makes you feel best about you. Find your smile. Find your way to you.

And create something when you can.
It’s good for you.

5K race

me after the 5K. Cold but happy.



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Mr. Seasoned



Big Foot lives.

Winter run

In or Out…just keep moving

Lydia pre run

Enjoy your day. 





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