My Toast is “toast”


I’m not a fan of white bread. But on occasion it makes its way into the house.
I toasted a few slices for the kids breakfasts one morning and had a piece leftover.
So I threw it outside for the birds.
It seemed like a good idea.

When I was little, my dad would throw leftover cornbread outside for the birds and they loved it. Since it’s winter, I figured the sparrows in the fields outside our house just might appreciate the free meal.

It’s been over three weeks.
It’s still there.
It has been rained on, Snowed on, lost it’s toasty color but it is still in the same shape, same place and has not had a nibble.

Now we live in an area with coyotes, foxes, wild turkeys, deer, birds of all types, mice, cats, hawks and squirrels.
NOTHING has chosen this bread. Even in conditions where the birds are just off the new sod eating the grass seed, they are not tempted by this square meal.

To give you an idea of the vast area behind our house that holds all these would-be diners here’s an expanded pic.
I find it interesting that nothing, out there, wants this piece of bread.
Not even a possum or skunk or raccoon and they will eat ANYTHING.

So it makes me wonder, if maybe they don’t recognize it as food. If there are so many changes in commercially processed bread that maybe it’s not even on the menu anymore for any other species except humans.

So I looked up some things about white bread on the internet. I’m listing a link I liked below in case you’re interested in reading.

That doesn’t necessarily mean these are completely true, just because I read it online, but I still found it interesting to read. And that is just a bit of the information available out there. Research for yourself and see what you think.

Maybe we should all think a bit more about the bread we are eating, and maybe even make it ourselves if we have time. I found a lot of great recipes out there. I’m definitely going to cut out the occasional purchase of white bread, and if nothing else read the labels and buy whole grain bread that has fewer ingredients for our family.

And I guess when Spring comes, I’ll have to remove the white bread slice so we can mow.



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