Hiking pants for the Big Girl


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“If you are seeking creative ideas, go out walking.  Angels whisper to a man when he goes for a walk.”  ~Raymond Inmon



I don’t know how my fashionista training began, but for me, leggings and running shorts are the only thing I need to go out into the world of hiking, walking or trailblazing. I had not paid much attention to them because I’m wearing them and not looking at them. But after viewing photos of my black fox legs, I think for some it can look a bit silly.

But I really don’t mind. I don’t even care, because inside, my happiness meter on comfort is flat out peaking at the highest point of comfortness.

But in an effort to look more “professional” against my wooded backdrop, I just ordered my very first pair of TravelSmith Hiking pants. They should be here next week sometime. I’m not a fan of ordering pants online but it was such a good deal compared to their normal price that I jumped on them at their “new without tags” (which really means, “Hey, I wore these and they didn’t fit but I had already taken off the tags and I think you may think they are new and I can get my money back”) and I’m okay with it as long as its reduced a bt and makes sense.

So, having said that, I sent my husband a link to order them for me from his computer at work since it has incomparable virus protection and I’m chicken using my card online.

Tomorrow I’m hiking with my good friend Lee and I know she could care less what I’m wearing but it would be nice to be in pants better equipped for the weather we are in now, which is cold wind, snow and occasional rain. But unfortunately she will have to see me once again in my stretchy finery. So I am hoping for dryer conditions than the snow I see wafting down to the earth and melting, because a fall in the hiking pants onto a spongey path is not as wet as a fall in cotton inspired leggings and shorts. They are way less forgiving.

However, I’m hopeful.


I’m looking forward to a good fit and happy thighs in my new Big Girl pants, but part of me wonders if anything is as comfortable as elastic waisted leggings of cottony softness and wick away nylon shorts that protect my arse from the cold wind.
Because honestly I wish I could wear them everywhere. They just suit me. They are like hugs all day around my legs with the ability to flex that you can not find in a pair of jeans. No way.

My name is Margie and I hate jeans.

I never understood their glory. They are stiff and dig into my waist when I sit down, even as a much thinner version of m’self in the past, they just feel so rigid. I have a thousand pairs over the years from the stretchy Mom jeans to the more traditional cut and even some lower cut ones that make me feel like I need to hike them up past my hips but they have a low rise and refuse to surrender to the launch. So I end up feeling like I am having a mental tug of war as well as a physical one when I wear them.

But I will gear up and hope for the best tomorrow morning in my traditional legging attire and it may be my last time until warmer weather that I get to wear them, but then again, who knows?

“If it works, it ain’t broke”, right? So their attributes remain to be seen.

Hoping for some glorious photos tomorrow and a reduced waistline in a week or two. Glad that hunting season is over so I can get back to the deep woods and not fear for my life as a tagged and mounted wall trophy.


If you’ve got plans to get moving, keep them.
You are worth the effort.
Remember any movement is movement.
Keep moving!

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A vigorous five-mile walk will do more good for an unhappy but otherwise healthy adult than all the medicine and psychology in the world. “ ~Paul Dudley White



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