“Back in the saddle again”


Waking up to run. A granola bar breakfast, hats and sweatshirts. Cold but happy.

I can’t believe it’s been so long since I wrote about my progress.
I guess Life Happened.
As it always does, we find ourselves up to our elbows in mothering, dinner, laundry, driving, laundry and shopping… and did I mention laundry?

For me, writing is second nature, so much that I actually have 5 blogs and two published books and three on back burners. I eat and breathe keypad.

But for some reason, I slacked off here. I need to get back on board because this blog is like that good friend that really tells you when your arse looks fat in those jeans you really knew you shouldn’ t have bought…

…and I  need a friend like that.

So for me, this blog, is a clearing house for all that ails me. I can come here and remember how far I’ve come and get back on track again for what’s ahead.

Since I was here last, I have had the honor of being the September “Member of the Month” at the gym I belong to. It was really a surprise. I think the bigger surprise was how I avoided the gym last month. Not sure if it was my temporary fame, my lack of planning or the fact that I just had extremely low energy and way too many irons in the fire.

For those that know me personally, I have a tendency to get an idea and run with it.
And I’ve been running a lot lately, but not on the trail.

Last month we had our first Art Gallery event and the weeks of planning that took was phenomenal, a near constant painting frenzy had me in my studio for up to 9 hours a day or more. Painting and forgetting things like laundry, feeding children and running.

I missed my woodland treks.
I missed my bunnies, mushrooms and broken tree limbs.

It called to me in my sleep.

So the first day of Fall break, last Monday I bundled up my eleven year old, the wee-est of the Rigney clan and the most likely to participate, and we hit the forest with our hats and sweatshirts.

And it was remarkable.

How quickly I had forgotten that sweet smell of decomposing wood and leaves. That invigorating aroma of grass just after the frost warms, that moist, rich scent of Autumn in Kentucky as it fills your nostils.

I was home.
I was happy to frolic amongst the flora and fauna…

A trip made even better by a deer that had no idea we were so close. Flashing a white tail it vanished into the woods. Only to glance back and give a  flick of her ears and bound into the woods so fast that I never could keep my eyes fixed on her direction.  She was nearly invisible in silhouette against the browns that fell into place around her.

I was glad I came.
I was glad I took the time to wake up my wee one.
Listening to her grunts and groans that morning as I found her shoes and zipped up her jacket and handed her the granola bar breakfast she was not fond of were worth the trouble. She woke up in the car a bit more and her day was better because we started it off outdoors. Where we should be.

Sure, we were cold.
Yes, we were freezing at times as I had on my Danskin capris, but we held hands to warm up and it brought us joy.
In the exhaled breaths of a light run, we made a normal day extraordinary.

Just by getting up early and making it happen.

So many times we opt for the easy way.

We say it’s “too hot, too cold, too wet, I’m too tired, it’s too much work”  but in the end it’s none of those things. That is life…sometimes it is too hot, you just deal with it, sometimes its too cold and you put on a jacket, sometimes if you’re tired a walk or a run is the magical trick to start your engine again and as far as it being too much work, that’s just an outright lie on my part, because it only requires putting one foot in front of the other for 20 or 30 minutes…That same half hour that I would spend complaining on the computer about how I wish I had gone.

So for me, I am back on track.

Keeping my eye on the prize of fitness and trying to forgive myself for those times when I didn’t remember that the reward is worth it.

I really hope my trip to the woods becomes more than a moment in time for my daughter, I hope it is just one of many adventures we make bundled up with cold cheeks and warming her hand in mine this chilly season.

There is no way to hide the joy of “after run”…lol


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