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My self imposed 20 mile “Mom-a-thon”


I don’t know exactly where I got the idea, but I came up with a challenge for myself and I actually accomplished it!

I decided to take my love of running/walking and “up the ante” and push for 20 miles in 5 mornings at the gym. I had not done that much before although I had accomplished 4 miles in one day, not repeated for 5 consecutive mornings. In fact, for me as a new runner, that was unprecedented in my world.

So, I announced my self imposed challenge to everyone I knew and set out on Monday morning with one mission; “Get as much done by Thursday as I could. So that Friday would be a breeze.”

Mondays run:
 I went back to wearing my pedometer for this week.  I had graduated to just running/walking for one hour. which was usually the equivalent of 3.5 miles, including stretch time warm up and the cool down walk and stretch. It was a good workout I did daily. But this day I had to really get some accurate measures of mileage so I strapped on my pedometer and set out on the trail after a quick warm up and a few sips of water.

I had no idea how far 4 miles would be, given the normal romp I take is 2 or 3 trips through the woods and one trip ’round the road and mulched pasture. Which roughly comes out to .75 miles x 3 (or soemtimes just 2) plus 1.2 miles which equals- 3.5 miles on a good day. So I had to ramp it up to keep my goal in sight.

By the third mile I could feel myself tiring, but then when I realized how far I had come by looking at my pedometer while taking a water break, suddenly I wasn’t as tired as I had been and I found a new pep in my step to make it further than I needed! So I finished the first day at a great # on my pedometer! nearly 4.5 miles!

Day #1….OVER 4 miles!

Day #2: Tuesday.

From my running “jog log””:

“Woke up feeling really good about yesterdays run and I am determined to keep moving. Praying that the weather stays nice because I really enjoy running outdoors. Sometimes the idea of a track inside makes me feel like I might come out of my skin and the mention or the idea of a treadmill, although that is what sparked my interest in the beginning to run…really really really does not appeal to me. OH THE MONOTONY!

So I am really hoping for a good run. But I am going to mix it up a little. I don’t want to go the same direction every day or the same number of trips through the woods. I may alternate routes along the asphalt and then the mulched path. I may even use the parking lot as a warm up, just because I can’t predict the distance. Then taking a peek at my pedometer when I am truly tired will maybe enlighten me on my ability to maintain a steady week.

I can do this.”

So I did it!
I worked hard and picked up my heels and drank water and tried to mix it up some and ended up here with this for my day #2 run:  just over 4 miles again! If I can increase daily, surely I can make Fridays run a breeze! It’s not as much as I had wanted, but it was OVER 4 miles and I was happy with it.

Day #2 Mom-a-thon!

Day #3:

I have a renewed vision. I can do this and have a little leftover…lol This may NOT kill me after all. I woke up today and did not feel sore. I am anticipating completing my Mom – a – thon. I can do this. I may not  be the best at it, have the best timing, or be as graceful as a gazelle, but I can put one foot in front of the other for 4 miles and make it happen.
Today I am trying some Vitamin water, instead of water. I think maybe I need that. I am really thirsty this morning. I may skip my normal egg breakfast and opt for some cereal with skim milk. That may be more hydrating and that carb load up from the shredded wheat may give me what I need. So Off I go. Wish me luck.

Day 3 pedometer reads:

Day #4:

Jog log entry: “Looking rainy today. Not happy with this change of weather. This will be an indoor run. I don’t like it. I am going to hope for a run outdoors if the weather clears even for a little bit. Because the inside track really messes with my hip and my feet. I can feel that “jar” when I run because I am still a big gal weighing in at 204 pounds. I can still really feel the pain in my arches if I come down wrong on my feet and honestly, I get tired of running in circles. But you do what you have to, in order to move forward…so I am on my way and I am praying for blue skies. “

The reality: Well…I tried to run outdoors but the rain was just too much. I could barely see out of my glasses and I was fearful that I would get too wet and then get sick. Although I will say that since I began losing weight, eating better and getting fit, I have had significantly less illness and I’ve even been able to quit my blood pressure medication!

So I had an arduous day of indoor running after only 1 mile outdoors. Here is my mileage for this 4th day of Mom-a-thon. Although today I am not as invigorated. In fact, I feel tired, more than usual. I will mark it up to the pavement. The stale indoor air and the fact that I just love the outdoors!

Day #4:


That is where I wish I had been.  Mileage was:  8892!  I pushed it today. Then forgot my pedometer in my gym locker. Thank goodness it tracks my mileage for a week. So I was able to retrieve it the following day.

Which left me with Day 5 to get through!

I was really anxious to get this week over with, if for no other reason than to say “I DID IT!”

Day #5:

I am invigorated. I know that all I have to do is get up and get to the gym. Only problem.


Blasted rain is going to really make this difficult and to top it off my hip is hurting. Really nothign unusual but it had nearly healed completely after my overdo at the gym playing basketball about 5 weeks ago. Now here I am, rain, and only 2.75 miles to run to complete my 20 mile week! I can not believe it. I can not believe I have made it. Especially with the weather not working out as I planned. I had hoped to get in 5 miles yesterday and leave myself with a headstart to maybe reach 22 miles to be above and beyond my initial goal, but this is good and in keeping with my new mantra for the week, “I CAN DO THIS!”


And I did.
I, Margie Rigney ran 20 miles in 5 days. Alternating my routes and sometimes my days plans just to get it done. I never thought a year ago I could WALK a mile and now I just ran/walk/hopped/jumped my way through mulch, asphalt, fallen branches, dips, gulleys and mole hills to 20 miles in 5 days.

I know that is not a record breaker for the books. But is is one for MY book. For my life. For my own personal goal setting.

It feels so good to make a goal and not only meet it but shatter it. Move beyond it.
I know I can do just about anything I put my mind to if I use my head and make it something realistic.

So here is my book. My calculations, my thoughts and my achievements. 

I made a plan. It was achieveable and it was reached.

Now for Mom-a-thon 2!!!

Mom-a-Thon 20Miler. I did it!

I suggest keeping a running log for yourself. It pays off. You can log your miles, check your past progress and remind yourself of what you can accomplish on those days you may not feel like getting on your running shoes.
Remember to keep at it. Don’t lose your focus.
Sure, there are times where we have to take off our running shoes and put on our mama shoes, work shoes and even go barefoot and relax, but try to keep your workouts on a schedule as much as you can. Otherwise you find yourself in furry houseshoes!