Kickin’ it Old School….


Daddys favorite

Okay, I know when you were a kid and your father laid these bad boys on the counter you were disappointed…

“What no Count Chocula? No Frosted flakes? How could you!?”

But good old Dad may have known more about nutrition than you realized. These little mini hay bales are packed with goodness, no sugar, no salt and enough carb impact that a workout like I take every morning through the bunny filled woods is a walk in the park…literally.

I use skim milk, just 3/4 of a cup that is 60 calories (I’m not a fan of the overdoing of milk in the bowl-it makes me want to add more cereal for a “mercy eating” to absorb the leftover moo juice) then one biscuit is 80 calories but unless I am having grapefruit or a side of one egg…I eat two of these giant rectangles of wheat.

Man, they fill you up and they are packed with just enough of everything for that “push” you may need til your mid morning snack. I don’t eat them every day because I like eggs 3-5 days a week, in my non stick pan with a side of fruit more often than not.  I just like protein to start my day, but on occasion this “daddys girl” picks up and carries her fathers original easy breakfast bowl start to the table alongside a giant mug of Chock Full O’ Nuts coffee and my morning ritual begins.

So rethink those old school thoughts, those bare bones recipes for just about anything, because if you are like me, I was never overweight as a child, it wasn’t until I started feeding myself that I put on my poundage. Maybe in many ways, Mama and Dad knew best on nutrition.

Have a great start, keep it fun, remember you are in it to win it. Don’t get sidetracked or settle for anything less than wonderful. Feed yourself like you matter.

Because you do.


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