Running on Empty…not recommended


Yep I did it. Ran out the door with just 100 calorie breakfast and headed to the track and woodland trail at the gym for 3 miles of run/walking.

What an idiot.

What I had tried to do was save up some calories for the late breakfast I was having 2 hours later with friends downtown, but it really wasn’t a good idea. Hitting the ground running on only 1/2 cup of almond milk and one shredded wheat biscuit, didn’t leave me with much energy for that final push when I was trekking up a hill of mulch.

Most of my run/walks are invigorating. I feel supercharged when I am done and often have to convince myself to stop at 3 miles because I am afraid of overdoing a good thing. After mile #2 I feel my best and by mile #3 I am loosey goosey and pushing myself seems easier as I pass over bridges and soft covered trails zig-zagging through the woods near my gym.

But this day, this day of 100 calorie nothingness, left me feeling tired and there wasn’t anything left in my reserves to help me move past the initial fatigue that usually sets in halfway through my first mile. So the entire event was struggle.

I won’t do that again. Even at the thought of being able to burn through more calories or even increase some weight loss, because it took the joy out of the run and it left me tired for the rest of the day, even after my poached eggs, sliced tomatoes and wheat toast that was waiting for me an hour later. Too much, too late.

So I’m learning. 

I’m learning that low calorie isn’t the answer all the time. Especially when you have a planned workout. So plan for that run/walk in a way that brings you ease and celebration. Because you are out there giving it your best, eat your best and enjoy the entire day.

Happy Trails! Where I run


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