Almost forty pounds lost and one step ahead of the Zombies


I have to say, I’m excited!

I am only one pound from my first forty pounds lost. On January 1st, I weighed the most I have in my entire life, 256 pounds.  Originally I was happy with 25 as my first goal set and as I near the first forty pound mark I am all atwitter.

 Me, at 49, healthier than I was at 39, why it’s almost absurd!

But it is true.

I can’t imagine doing the activities I do now with another forty pounds strapped on my back. How did I manage the miles I trekked before with that much weight added to my already burdened frame? I am so fortunate that my knees have not become angry and surrendered.  So thankful that my back and my legs have enabled me to keep moving and keep running. Even when I run past my normal 3 miles run/walk my knees still give me support and don’t cause me too much grief. However, if they get one small “pang” just under my knee, I stop my workout, stretch and count my blessings.

I suppose my biggest complaint is shin pain. Which has improved greatly with the weight loss. Stretching, yoga when I can and a planned diet of fresh fruits, vegetables and lean meats have catapulted my weight loss by combining exercise that a year ago, would have been too much for me.

Baby steps.

That is truly what it takes for me. Small steps of exercise that  increase as I progress.

I’ve learned the hard way. I’ve overdone things myself with activities so I totally understand how things can get overwhelming and before you know it you’ve over done it by rushing into a new sport or an increased step in exercise. It’s almost addictive when you being run/walking or exercising again after having a sedentary lifestyle like mine that I had for years. It feels so good to be out with other people that share the same desire of improved health. Lots of people enjoy running in groups or exercise classes.

Belonging to a gym makes you feel like you are actually participating in your road to wellness with support. It may not be necessary to have a gym membership to gain your health back, but it keeps me accountable and I like that “check in” when I go. I’m glad to finally be a certified member of  The Healthy Mom Club.

But I’m more of a lone wolf.

I think some of my fellow running mates at the gym are a little surprised at first when I tell them I prefer to run alone. I’ve been asked many times to join a running group that meets at the gym on some mornings…but I always decline even though they are wonderful and supportive and non judgemental…I just like that sound of solitude. It keeps me honest to myself and focused.  I leave all the petty things in life behind when I hit the trail. It’s just me, my MP3 player and positive thoughts. No drama and no worries ride along, it’s my gift to myself. My one part of the day that is devoted to the rise and fall of my own feet, at their own speed on my own clock.  I see it more as a challenge just to show up and then the rest is icing on the cake…Because finding that serenity and peace when I reach the end is fantastic.

My run/walks are interesting. Even at age 49 my imagination is running on full speed when I hit the woods…

According to my Beginning Running book by Amby Burfoot, they talk about improving your running time by taking spurts of extreme sprints over short distances. At first I imagined a bear after me, but all I could envision was soft fur and brown eyes, then I tried mountain lions but weighing in at over 200 pounds myself, I figured I could take him…and then it hit me….ZOMBIES! (My husband is so proud) That would be the ticket to spur my feet into action…and guess what?

It works!

Just about halfway through my run, I slow some and take a little walk break. Pausing long enough for a recovery and then a glance about me, just to make sure I am not actually surrounded by any wildlife that is either slithering along the path or following me through the brush…and then… PANIC! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE! ZOMBIES enter my imagination and I am hoofin’ it as fast as I can to the next bend in the road.

Not far, just far enough to get my heart rate up, toss a few woods chips and make me sweat a little harder. Not long after this fast sprint, I end up running back to my water jug. But I’m doing it with a smile, because I added fun to my run.

So I look forward to this journey. This voyage a la footpath,  that is getting a benchmark of 40 pounds lost soon. I can’t imagine why it took me so long. But I am glad I am here.

Ahead of the zombie hordes and smiling at the sweetness of a sweaty brow.

Look Mom! NO zombies!


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  1. Congrats, Margie!!! You are doing awesome!!! Keep it up!! I love the part about the zombies. Megan and I are big Walking Dead fans so this brought a big chuckle.