SIMPLE SUPER SALAD to get you movin!


Few things perk me up as much as a great crisp salad or juicy fresh fruits. This one is a great, inexpensive Health Food Lovers dream!

Find yourself a great head of green cabbage and slice 1/2 of it up (remove the core first)  I like to shred mine in small slivers…put this in a bowl and add 1/2 again in measure shredded carrots and toss. Then 1/4 cup of roasted sunflower seeds. (no shell) and VOILA instant Health salad! This will keep for days.

Just top with your favorite low calorie vinagrette or balsamic. I used Newmans Own Lite Sesame Ginger and it was awesome. Just 2 TBS is 35 calories and I only used 1 TBS on my small bowl and it was more than enough. I would recommend some crunchy bean sprouts for the top when you serve (I forgot those) they add a great crunch factor.

Here’s my mid morning creation: you can try adding fresh, sliced, squash and zucchini for a good punch too.

This small bowl was less than 30 calories including the dressing and it was great. That entire 2 quart bowl is probably less than 200 calories (without dressing) and 140 of that 200 is just in Sunflower seeds!

So enjoy, Crunch and eat your way towards a healthier you! Packs well in a lunch too.

Don’t add dressing until ready to serve.



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