Thinking outside the box for lunch :)


It’s easy when you’re dieting or watching your nutrition to get caught up in the same ol’ routine for lunch. Even a great salad for lunch although it’s satisfying can get redundant after a while or maybe you just ran out of lettuce or salad fixin’s and you need to grab something full of protein and good carbs that will last.

Here it is!

High protein and easy lunch fix. Zesty sauce and crunchy lettuce alongside Plain yogurt can really fill those cravings and your tummy!

This lunch is something I really enjoyed making and eating.

A low carb/low calorie tortilla (90 calories), Fat Free refried beans (1/2 cup 80 calories), shredded lettuce (0), sliced tomatoes (15 calories) Oikos Greek Plain yogurt (1/2 serving- 40 calories) and some sliced strawberries.

I just took a tortilla and spread on 1/2 of a cup of  refried beans, heated it up and added sour cream, rolled it up and topped it with Cholula hot sauce and a tsp of shredded cheese.

It was a great alternative to the everyday lunch and super cheap and nutritional too!

Total calorie count: 225


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