Kids need a good start to their morning too!


While I pay attention to my own fresh start in the morning I also make sure my kids get a good meal before they bounce out the door for 6 or 7 hours to school.

Just enough of a start for my kiddos!

I wouldn’t expect myself to survive on a Pop-tart for 3 or 4 hours so I shouldn’t expect my kids to be able to pay attention and do their best on sugar loaded shortcuts either.

I’m fortunate I am a stay at home mom so I can make a nice breakfast for my brood before they leave for school but there are lots of ways to make sure our wee ones are living up to their focused potential without stocking your pantry with sugary starts and without worry about how much time you have to fix them breakfast. You can premake mini parfaits, even make eggs the night before and reheat them in the morning if they are doing breakfast for themselves. You can make nutrient dense muffins or buy cereals that provide vitamins and little sugar for less or the same price as those sticky sweet morsels that line the shelves.  

This is my youngest, Lydia. She‘s 10 and I’m so fortunate she is a healthy eater. She eats just about anything I do and will try just about anything too, especially if she believes it may be good for her. Thanks to a great school that teaches about healthy foods and exercise she knows that we need a balance of good food for optimum results.

Lydias great start!

Sure, I still have a few kid friendly snacks around the house for after school snacks; cheese sticks, popcorn, fruits and veggies as well as the occasional Wheat thin or Cheez-its but for the most part they sustain their between-meal life right now on flavored rice cakes, fruits, cheese sticks and cut veggies and I haven’t had many complaints as long as there are plenty of tortillas and cheese to make a quick quesadilla or a handful of pre-washed fruit to grab and some fresh yogurt.

For Lydia she loves tiny omelettes made in my mini non-stick. This one took about 2 minutes to make with nothing other than one egg, a small bit of cheese and 1 TBS of bacon crumbles. I made a mini parfait out of a sauce cup wtih 2 TBS of low fat yogurt, one diced strawberry and 1 Belvita Sustained energy cookie and a side of chocolate coconut milk.

She loved it and it was fast, colorful, exciting and nutritious enough to get her through til lunch without tiring from a carb rush and then a crash.

Ask your kids if they might like to try a mini parfait and mini omelette. I bet they will probably really like it.

Plus it makes me feel good when I know they had a great start!


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