“I would eat better, but I just don’t have the time”-please don’t believe this!


Be Prepared to have good things in your fridge for "go-to" snacks.

It’s that easy.

A small bowl, 1/2 cup low- fat yogurt and 2 strawberries. Voila! Instant snack, that’s good for you.

Cost= about 25 cents.

Time= about 25  seconds.

Calories= about 65

Good stuff:
150 mgs Potassium
O fat
 <3mgs cholesterol
10 g carbs
3.5 g Protein
10% Vitamin A for the day
12.5% of Calcium
12.5% of Riboflavin
and 10% of Vitamin D!

I used to think I didn’t have time to eat well, grabbing a handful of chips or cracker made more economical “time sense” than cutting an apple, peeling a banana or making anything in a bowl…but I was wrong. The time it takes to make a nutritional snack is often faster than doing a “Grab ‘n Go” on a package of chips…I mean, come on, have you tried to open a bag of chips lately? You practically need a blow torch.

Having healthy things on hand, pre-washed, pre-cut and even pre packaged in servings makes living healthy so much easier. When I get strawberries, I rinse, dry and behead those babies within minutes and store them in the fridge with saran wrap, I like clear lids or saran wrap so my kids can see what’s in there and will reach for them before a cheese stick or rice cake. Fruit is something they probably don’t get enough of during the day. Plus it makes me more interested too!

Having grapes prewashed and even off the viney stem makes it easier to toss onto a plate or into a bowl of granola. I’m much more likely to take an orange and eat it if I peeled it before my walk and then had it waiting when I got done. Or cut a washed apple in half and cored it before I go to the gym. Many times I have traveled in the car with a half apple in my purse just waiting for the time to drag it out and snack on my way home so I don’t miss my snack time and end up getting ravenous before dinner.

A busy schedule is no excuse for poor snack planning. You plan ahead to make time to brush your teeth and shower, add just a few moments to toss homemade granola or a peeled orange into your purse or into your computer backpack before work.

Try to remember your body is like any engine, it needs fuel and the lower your tank gets, the more it takes to fill it up. It’s easier to keep it “topped off” than it is to refill it.

If you allow yourself to eat poor food choices and then go too long without eating, then you will struggle with refilling your tank and not think about what goes in it…

Take it from a woman that has come out of her carb comas before only to find her cleavage filled with cracker crumbs and an empty Saltine sleeve on her lap. 

So plan, stock your fridge with great choices and don’t let the hungries take you by surprise. Keep your tank filled with good for you things and you will feel GOOD.




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I'm a woman with too much to say to keep it to myself. Stop by for a virtual coffee break with me and refill your cup. Life is too short to worry too much and take it too seriously. Sometimes you just gotta laugh, even when it hurts.

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  1. Amen sista, you have me a believer. I am eating better and feeling better. I’ve eaten more apples in the last few months than I have in the last few years. I cut it up and dip it in all natural peanut butter and for an extra add nutella to the splash. Yummie!