Rising above my weight, never surrender!


My sister Lisa asked me today after I told her of my 2 mile run/walk at the gym and how good I felt;

 “Margie, 6 months ago, could you even imagine yourself saying that?”

And I have to admit. No, I couldn’t.

6 months ago I was just tired of trying. I had a resurgence of energy in September but it waned by Halloween and Thanksgiving and by Christmas when the Flu invaded my body for two weeks, I just flat out gave up. 

I was defeated.

Then I joined the “Your Weigh…Together” class at my local gym and found that there were other people like me that were not nearly as large as I was that struggled with balancing their food and exercise budgets just like I did.

I had assumed that only severly overweight people like myself had this dilemma and that overeating or making poor food choices was a malady saved only for the mass challenged folks like myself but I am learning through this class that many people struggle, while on the outside they appear calm, cool and collected, they have inner battles with fatigue and healthy issues of their own.

Today I went to the gym after having my oil changed and found myself actually RUNNING! Flat out, knees high, running. NEVER in my life would I imagine I could do that. I thought my running days ended when I popped out my first child 19 years ago. I had surrendered running as something “other” people did…the skinnies, the fit and the petite.

Certainly not this big gal.

But I have been bitten by the “run bug”.  Hard.

I can’t imagine not getting up and getting geared up for a run/walk. Even on the weekend I managed to get in a mile before 8:05 am! This is totally not like me! But it is a new me and to be honest, I like it. I like that I feel incomplete without a heart pounding run/walk before I settle into my first fruit/snack break of the day. I love that I am breaking a sweat AFTER I get in my car to leave that lasts for the first 15 minutes of my car ride home and I love that I take up less space in the bed and things that seemed difficult before like climbing the stairs at 6:45 am to wake the kids are nearly effortless and don’t end up making me wheeze at the top.

I’m no svelte goddess by any means. I still tip the scales at 230 pounds but I used to tip them at 256 pounds so I definitely feel lighter and if you can imagine strapping on whatever it takes to equal 256 pounds and then doing your normal household chores, walking to the store or just attempting to walk a mile with it on, that is where I started and that is how tiring it was to be 256 pounds every minute of every day for me.

6 months ago I was tired.

Today I am energized.

6 months ago I felt powerless.

Today I feel powerFUL.

My family is better, my life is sweeter, my lungs breathe deeper and my soul is lighter. All because of eating better and taking up walking and running at my own pace 4-6 days a week. I can’t imagine where I would be today if I had said “no” like I initially wanted to when asked to join that class.

The best thing about walking and running. No equipment needed. No special tools. Just good shoes and a brain that tells you “Yes you can”.

Because if you don’t believe it, you won’t achieve it. So say Yes. To you.

Happy Trails  and Healthy eating from a gravity- challenged, big- boobed, 230 pound woman that feels every step of her run and can’t wait to get out there again tomorrow. Knees permitting.

Happy me.


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