Be good to your feet you only have TWO!


You probably never pay them much attention…until they hurt, or ache or you stub a toe, but your feet are vital to your well-being.

So treat them nicely.

Poor fitting shoes can cause hip issues, knee issues and create blisters, callouses and poor bone alignment when you walk, run or exercise, so take a few moments over the next few days if you have time and pay attention to your feet.

How do they feel after a walk? After a trip to the store or even in the morning when you wake up? Are they sore or tender or feel as if your arch is in dire straits? If so, take a trip to your nearby department store or athletics store and try on some shoes. Have your foot measured by a professional and ask them what they think would be a good fit for the the workouts or exercise you plan on doing.

My happy Feet

Some shoes are ideal for aerobics, others are marked for running or cross training but make sure the arch fits correctly and double check that there even is ONE! Half of the shoes I tried on today had little or no arch and if you’re overweight like me, the last thing you need is your foot coming down on a flat surface when you begin to pound the pavement.

Don’t worry about color.

So many great shoes are passed over because of their color.

Be color blind.

Find the style that suits your sweet feet the best. Remember these shoes are going to make your feet happy, they are not a fashion statement, they are a statement that you care about your precious modes of transportation; and take it from a woman who has a mother and a family history of “hammer toes” from too tight high heels and cramped shoes….treat your feet nicely now or it will come back to haunt you with a vengeance later. 

My whole life I’ve gravitated towards sneakers and athletic footwear. For a few years in my twenties I ventured into trendy styles but they were always low heel and some were flats…but since I turned thirty, my feet are always riding on rubber soles with killer arches and I am thankful for it.

Being as overweight as I have been, (At one time I weighed 256 pounds) it is a miracle that I do not have knee or hip issues and I think it is due in part to having good shoes and great arch supports.  Now that I am down to 232 pounds I still am high on the weight but my feet are much happier and it was time for a new pair of running shoes.

I must have tried on 15 pairs of shoes today.

Some were beautiful and exciting to look at and then paled in comparison to the fit. Some were so tight and ill fitting that the idea of trying to wrangle my size 8.5 hobbit feet in them every morning already had me worn out just thinking about it. Some had no arch, some didn’t even make it past the display if I ran my hand down the inside and felt no rise in the contour of the insole. Maybe it’s because I used to sell shoes when I went to college, but I give a good once-over on all my shoes I buy. They have to feel good, for the right price and I should love them so much I don’t want to take them off.

 (Although I do so I can wear them at home the first day on carpet and return them if they don’t feel right-so hang on to that receipt) …

A good shoe does not need “breaking in” if it doesn’t make you have an Ahhhhhhh moment when you put it on and run around in it, that dear footwear-friend….is not the one for you. Keep looking. Just like spouses, you can’t marry a shoe and hope to change it, it is what it is  and you better love it from the “get go” or it’s all down hill after that.

Next step ….RUN.

Yes, run around the store.

Lots of athletic stores have put small tracks in their stores for you to try your shoes out on. TRY IT. If there isn’t a track do like I did this morning and strap on your purse, lace up both those prospective partners and take a jog through the shoe racks. Nobody will care and remember THIS IS YOUR PURCHASE you decide what is best.

Check out my new “rides” in the picture above!

 I can’t wait til my morning run tomorrow to try them out. (Providing they pass the in house test today) After my first 1.5 miles  of my 3 this morning my feet were crying in my old shoes.

 Now they’ve found their smile again. 🙂

Have a great day and remember to treat your feet well!


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