Let the Back Yard BBQ’s Commence! It’s party time!


"My patio dinner plate!"

With the S. S. Rigney (My name for our back deck) ready to set sail already due to an early Spring. It’s officially outdoor BBQ time!
Cookouts, bbq’s, patio parties, deck parties, whatever you may call it where you’re from, the one common factor is: THERE’S GONNA BE FOOD and lots of it.

 Be prepared before you venture out to that cook-out. Think about what your plate should look like and what foods you may want to try in smaller quantities or avoid altogether.

REMEMBER: Salads and greens first and then everything else in moderation. 2/3 of your plate should be green or veggified. 

One thing I am learning is that when I attend gatherings that are centered around the table or food or the occasion is a meal out with friends, I have to keep the focus of the evening on the “friends” and the atmosphere and less on the food. That helps so much. 

Once I overcame the mentality that this single meal was not going to be my last supper and that it was okay to not have the most cheese-laden, fat containing, decadent and over the top menu choice I realized it was what it was…just dinner.

Nothing more and nothing less, the emphasis now was on the activity and the people and the wonderful conversations. 

So many times when my husband and I would get a night out with ourselves or with friends, I would find myself ripping through the menu to find the choice that was going to most fill me up; find the choice that had the most self indulgent factors to it that would either barely stop short of giving me a coronary on the way home or be the envy of all the “skinnies” in the room that wished they were me at that moment…”the me” that didn’t deny herself ANYTHING. The “me” that thought she was treating herself extra good and nice by filling her belly up with ridiculous food choices. 

For some reason, I felt sorry for the healthy folks, that watched their calories and waist lines…”What a waste, look at me, I don’t give a shit and I’m eatin’ what I want. You poor losers. Live a little.”… 

When in reality I was to be pitied, I would eat all that food, drink up the other 500 missing calories in the room and then not be able to even kiss my husband goodnight because I was too full to roll over in the bed, much less do anything else. 

I was eating way more than my feelings.

I was eating away at my life as a married woman in the prime of her life. Substituting food for affection. Affection that my husband was more than willing to give, if only I would stop falling to sleep so early from my cheese induced coma on date nights. 

So I stopped. I changed my focus. 

I learned to curb eating and make better choices and now I am happy to say that my self esteem is better, my after hours activity has improved and my health has taken a much needed detour from the path it was taking. All because I pushed away from the table. And changed my relationship with food. 

I eat to live, I still love the taste of food.

 But I love it for what it can do for me and my family. Food keeps us alive. I need it. But I also need friendships, time with my family and being able to wake up in the morning without feeling like I can’t roll out of bed because I’m still full from the night before. 

It all starts with just simple changes. Saying “no” to things you know are not going to benefit you. I can still have a cocktail now and then and even desserts, but I understand how they affect me and I allow for it. It may take me a few days to work off a few glasses of wine or a few mugs of beer, but I do it.

 Because I know it works. 

You can have it all. Just plan ahead, know what you want your plate to look like ahead of time and don’t lose your focus!


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