"Yep me and my 36.10 3K time...just ahead of the stroller babies...lol"

Yep that’s me. In a 3K!

Me and all three of my chins…lol

Not finishing with a great time…but HAVING one!

Never thought I would be able to do a 3K. I thought those races were for “other people”  not this gal.

But turns out they’re for everyone! After two years of being asked to attend the event by my wonderful friend Sherry, I finally said YES!

Thank you Sherry for never giving  up on me.

Here we are starting the race:

My forever bestie Sherry and I. Waving at my wonderful friend Marylou, who took photos for the event. THANK YOU MARYLOU!


Sherry and I. Thankful that the rain cleared!


POST Shamrock Shuffle:

"My 3K friends: Tamila, ME, Sherry, Heidi and Lori."

I had a great time with my friend Sherry and her friends, Tamila, Heidi, Lori and Jim.

What  wonderful day.

What I had always assumed was out of my reach and for only the skinny and fit crowd, turns out it includes me too!

It felt great to be a part of something so wonderful and good for me as well as providing a $25.00 donation to Habitat for Humanity.  I helped build a house and took a little off of my own caboose today.

Watch out, next year!


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