Changing the Game


After six weeks of walking, it was time to change up my exercise routine.

"My 6 pound friends"

While I can do 2 miles on the treadmill or even three on the track without even a second thought now, my weight loss coach Carol, challenged our group to look outside our exercise comfort zones this past week. She presented us with Scorecards that were designed to add up points from everything from walking, jogging, push-ups and Zumba classes to counting points for water consumption and the omitting of sugary desserts and high carb snacks the week before.

We arrived to class on Tuesday with three of us totalling over 1300 points each and the bar was indeed raised as we were told at class to enter into our second week and fill in all the spaces we left blank. The things we didn’t attempt because we either thought we couldn’t do them or felt they were too difficult or time consuming.

So the challenge is on for the next week and this change up has made me feel the burn already. Thanks to Carol, I now know how to do push ups two different ways and crunches that I had passed up before because of a pre existing hernia I plan on surgically repairing this Summer. Now I am armed with new ways to keep my Score Card active and get those blanks filled in with success.

*My favorite new toys are 3 pound hand weights.*

While I may not have any rhythm, or any dancing abilities, I find that with a little music and a Zumba class on television I can turn my livingroom into a Zumba lounge- My way.  While the moves I incorporate into my dance routine may make some people laugh, even guffaw at my attempts at “Zumba-ing” I am giving it my all and I am feeling muscles aching in new places I have not ached in before. So I take that as a good sign.

After a good workout with my hand weights, later, if I have time, while watching TV in the evenings, I get them out again just to lift while I take in a few evening comedies after dinner and after my 1-2 mile walk. I can already tell a difference in how my bra fits and I soon I will have to move down a size and that feels awesome! I’ve done this reduction by just using these handweights and doing a few repeated exercises in the evenings along with my  calorie counting/low – fat diet and I’ve only been using them for a couple of weeks.

I want to encourage anyone that is intimidated by the gym experience to reconsider. Take a tour of a local gym near you, take their expertise and advice and work out a plan for yourself. They want to see you succeed and its been my wonderful opportunity to see that they truly care about helping you become the healthiest you can. But search and find your right fit.

If you are someone that doesn’t have a gym near you or you can not afford one, take time to look on T.V. for free exercise television shows or find old instructional videos  at thrift stores, just to give you a little guidance while you dance, prance, jump or wiggle your way to weight loss in your livingroom.

Make it fun. While in the past you may have heard, “No Pain, No gain“…I disagree, I think the correct mantra should be:

All work and no play makes Exercise suckaroo” 

Most of all, enjoy yourself.

 Be good to you.



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