“Favorite Breakfast Redux”


Yep, that’s it. My favorite morning start. 

Minus one egg

My favorite breakfast of all time is usually two eggs, toast, laughing cow cheese, a handful of various berries and my coffee. This one egg version is under 200 calories, including the coffee creamer.

But lately, I’ve noticed I’ve hit a “wall” of sorts with my weight loss. I don’t feel that fat burn I usually do after a good workout and even though I don’t have this same breakfast every day, I do have it quite often and only alternate it slightly after a weekend of wheat pancake and lean meat “morning starts” with whole wheat cereal/skim milk and fruit as an optional first meal of the day. 

So I decided it was time to shake it up a bit and left out an egg. It’s not earth moving or ground breaking to reduce your calorie intake first thing in the morning when you’re needing a push through a rough weight loss time; but it was an easy task to toss only one egg in the pan instead of two and instantly remove 70 calories from my overall calorie count without reducing the nutritional value of my breakfast too much. Because I need protein right off the bat in the morning. I hit the ground running at 6:00 a.m. and with three kids and a dog and no Thyroid it takes all I have to make it to lunch without feeling exhausted some mornings. So I don’t take reducing proteins lightly. 

This little alteration was barely even felt. I still arrived at the end of my meal with energy and a satisfied belly. I even had room for a second cup of coffee, which I certainly could use on this first official weekday of “Daylight Savings Time“. It’s simple things like omitting something or a reduction of a food you need or crave and just changing it up a bit that can shake your metabolism  and give your body a wake up call to action.

 I am going to try to keep my egg breakfasts to a single egg this week and see if that can be the boost I need to push me through this plateau I’ve reached. It could be with all the increased exercise that my muscle-building is slowing my scales down a bit, but I doubt it, at 235 pounds I have lots of fat to burn before I start adding muscle only. So I don’t think that figures into this equation.

What I do think has happened is although I counted my calories well over the weekend and allowed for their consumption…I had 4 light beers on Saturday night that may be showing me a bit of their aftermath…that and a whole grain spaghetti and turkey meatballs meal that I may have overindulged on last night. Sometimes we all have times where we have trouble saying “No”…and even though I made the healthiest version of the meal, it was delicious and difficult to part with that homemade sauce I had smelled cooking for over an hour before hand. 

So this Monday I am trying to give my breakfast a re-do just to see if that 350 calories I will shave off in 5 days from my meal plan will correct this past weekends deviations from the norm, my detours that may not have been the worst choices to make but that I feel have definitely had an impact on my Monday morning Weigh-In here at home. 

So, forgive yourself when you make a side step, go out and have fun and then when you get back to reality, allow for those extra calories and carbs you enjoyed by just cutting back a little the next few days.

It makes you feel good to know you are in control of your successes and your missteps, if you just plan a little and keep moving forward!

Enjoy your week!


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