“An egg is an egg”~ Nope, not really…


I used to believe that all eggs tasted alike.

I figured they all came from basically the same place, so they had to taste the same. The process of a hen laying an egg in a cage versus an egg laid by a hen that got to strut her stuff around freely in the light of day, couldnt’ be that different, after all the egg still remained inside for a very short time before making it’s debut.

But I’ve found out this week, all eggs are not created equal. 

My entire life I have had eggs over medium and accepted that “sulphury” taste as part of the eggs character. But this week my local store had The Simple Truth* cage-free, vegetarian fed, organic eggs on sale and I bought 2 dozen. I didn’t think much of it and assumed it was just another way to charge more for the same thing I could get next to it in the dairy case, but since I am trying hard to eat healthier and find ways to keep my kids from ingesting hormones via commercially processed foods I put them in my cart and home to my fridge.

I made my first two today.

Over medium in my non stick skillet with just a spray of olive oil. 

They looked like regular brown eggs, not as clean and shiny but close. They cracked the same, they looked the same inside…they cooked the same…but I noticed as I cooked them they didn’t have that same smell, in fact they were nearly odorless as they cooked in that little pan. With a flip and then a slide off the skillet onto my plate, I sat down with them along with my low calorie wheat bread, a wedge of Laughing Cow, strawberries and blueberries and a dollop of organic yogurt…

I cut my eggs and expected that runny yolk to emit the same pungent smell it always has but there was none. My first bite into that wonderful white and yellow heavenly pool was bliss. All I could think was, “Where have you been all my life?”

Now maybe this is because it’s been over 10 hours since I last ate, maybe it’s because I had a few glasses of wine last night but this is probably the best breakfast I’ve ever had. Not heavy on volume but it is packing a flavor punch that truly has satisfied the egg lover in me.

So for me, whenever I can…and I hope it is ALWAYS…but whenever I can I am going to make these eggs my choice for my shopping cart. I never thought it would make a difference, but it sure does and it woke me up, this 48 year old mom who thought she knew it all…and made me rethink “organics” and “cage free” because maybe the simple secret to raising a good egg

is a happy mother hen with leg room.


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