Putting extra miles, in the Bedroom….


No it’s not what you’re thinking…the “Love Olympics” have not entered the Rigney house…

But I have brought the treadmill that was catching cobwebs in the basement into our bedroom!

Carrying that ginormous mechnical sidewalk around the back of the house, across the driveway and through the front door and livingroom with my 6’3″ son was the best work out that piece of exercise equipment has ever given me.

 That is, until the past three days…in three days I’ve done 7 miles on that goliath gadget!

In the basement it would call to me as I passed by and I would think to myself, “I should get on there and walk. I’ll do that later.” But then later would come and I would have already forgotten it even existed as I sat in my softly upholstered chair and a half with my lazy feet up on the matching ottoman.

This idea of moving the treadmill came to me from the information discussed in my last weight loss group homework. Where the handbook had queried why we put exercise off.

The most popular reason I thought of, was: lack of time. I figured I had the time if I only tried to find it…I could “sneak it in” as our trainer tells us.

Since I’ve begun this journey, I’ve learned a few things;

*Exercise doesn’t have to be in your best shoes and poly-want-some-cotton-lycra shorts at the gym.

*It can be anywhere and anytime you have the chance to get on your feet and move!

*It also doesn’t need to happen all at once. If you can only do a few minutes here and there it helps and it works! I snuck in a .5 mile while my daughter was in the shower the other night.

It’s those little things, those little moments in life where you make a decision that changes your life in just a few moments for the better. Think of one thing you can do to increase your activity level. Maybe it’s walking the dog twice a day instead of just letting her out the door,maybe it’s playing basketball with your child instead of watching from the sidelines, maybe it’s as simple as parking farther in the parking lot or Mall-walking during  inclimate weather to keep your Pedometer happy.

Whatever method of motion you choose, moving is good. 

If you’ve got exercise equipment large or small, move it where you “live”. Keep it close, you may find it’s easier to say “yes” when it’s staring you in the face. 🙂


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