Behold, the power of the food Diary and self accountability!


If you think you know what you eat in a day…I can bet you that you don’t.

I thought I did. I really did, until I started writing every morsel down that I put in my mouth.


" Stop the madness!!!"

I ate way too much that I didn’t even realize and it all, adds up. Those chips, goldfish crackers or cookies you pop in your mouth without a second thought while you’re packing school lunches, that bacon strip (or two)  you nibble on while you scramble up eggs on Saturday morning for the masses, that big spoon you lick with the last 1/2 cup of mashed potatoes as you clear the table…it all adds up.

I just never really thought of it. I had amnesia when it came to those hidden calories and fat nibblers. Until I really took a day and counted it all, I had no idea the times I am tempted and eat without knowing I am. Because I am…


The genuine article. The real deal. A true and dedicated follower of the edible.

While most may have vices of particular foods like chocolate, salty snacks, maybe sweets, I have a fondness and a desire to love it all. All of it. So for me, eating had become not only a habit but a part of my life that was as natural as breathing in and out. Eating this or that, trying something, whatever I wanted to do, I did. In abundance and without care to what it was, how it would affect me or my health. I figured those tastes, those delicious and tempting tongue delights were there for the taking, for my own personal enjoyment and they would fulfill my life just by their simple addition to my life.

I needed to find other ways to ful “fill” my day.

So I did. I decided enough was enough when I put on my size 22 jeans and they were hard to zip. Because there was no way I was going to go buy bigger jeans, just to satisfy my growing waistline anymore. I had great things in the closet I bypass every day because they no longer fit and I was also getting really sick of this “third boob” that had popped up between my left and right breast and forcing itself out of my already struggling DD cups. I was  popping at the seams! Literally!

So I went to the gym. On my first day back I was invited to a “Your weigh. Together” class that started in 2 weeks and at first I was reluctant…I wanted to do this on my own. Then I realized when I was changing into my Danskin XXL capri walkers that I had tried it on my own before and failed. More than once. More than thrice. Maybe it was time to bring in the experts or at least join a group where I have accountability and tools that can help me find what I need to do.

So I did. I joined this group of 5 women and together we are working on eating better for ourselves and how to prepare foods for my entire family at the same time.

I have never calorie counted.

I have done Weight Watchers points but I just was not committed enough. It takes commitment to do anything and I did not have it then.

2012 is my year. I feel it in my bones. I know that at 48 years of age, it is a late start. I realize a lot of my “good years” are behind me but I know I can do this. There is a season and a reason for everything. Whatever it took to get me here, I am okay with that. Because over the past 3 weeks I have shed nearly 10 pounds and my life is so much sweeter in comparison to the non healthy life I was leading before.

My table is alive with color. Reds, oranges, yellows, greens, lean meats and whole grain breads…all of it food for my family and they are enjoying it too.

They are benefitting by having bodies that are working easier and more efficiently. Plus its fun to shop for new things. Its fun to put a piece of food in your mouth that you’ve never had that is actually GOOD for you. It’s nice to hear no cries for fast food when we leave in the car and for my 10 year old to ask to pack her own healthy snacks if we’re going on a short car trip.

Those things are all good and the best part is, we’ve only just begun!


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I'm a woman with too much to say to keep it to myself. Stop by for a virtual coffee break with me and refill your cup. Life is too short to worry too much and take it too seriously. Sometimes you just gotta laugh, even when it hurts.

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  1. I have been keeping a food journal for almost 2 years now. Its the only way to really know what you put in your mouth. If I fall off the wagon, it always goes along with not writting. Plus, I can go back to my journal and find out what was going on in my life at the time too. Because of course I can’t have apencil in my hand without writing my thoughts.

    • That is wonderful! I just blog at the mouth…lol I am so happy you have made your life so much easier and wonderful by eating better and getting healthy. You are inspirational!