Beware…the “Saboteur”….



“The Diet Saboteur”.

 I’ve not only been around them… I’m pretty sure I’ve been one before.

If you don’t have one in your life, you are fortunate. But they do exist. They are the friends, family or co-workers that linger on the outskirts of your healthy eating habits, just waiting for a chance to pounce on your moment of weakness.

You must remain vigilant and keep up the good fight towards better health and never forget there are many people that are rooting for you and supporting you along the way. Remember, you are doing this for YOU. For your own healthy vision and walk in life.

But believe you me,  there are people out there that want to see you fail. Seriously. Just so they can say that they tried it too and it didn’t work for them. Then they are more “okay” with themselves by knowing that someone else was unsuccessful as well. It’s just human nature to seek that reassurance when we fail at something, it makes it easier to face, and easier to accept. I’ve even felt the same way before.

There will be a few people who are just simply uncomfortable with your new way of life and they like you the “old way” when things were easy and you grabbed life by the cheeseburger. When you didn’t have all this talk of calories and healthy eating. They miss knowing that you would order desserts, just so they could have “a bite” and then sneak back to their own salad and skinny jeans. Your change makes them feel uneasy, because they thought they knew who you were, where you belonged. Your rivals at work may even feel a little threatened that you are eager or more energetic and your new healthy outlook and habits may be a constant reminder that they need to improve their own.

But remember, this is their problem, not yours.

Others just are tired of being “left out”  they liked it when the two of you ate cookie dough and swallowed up your emotions in tasty chocolate and the sandy texture of uncooked confections. They are meloncholy for the way life used to be, before calorie counting. Before your healthy adventure began. Remind them that you can do it together, that they are more than welcome to join you, but you are never going back to that routine again. They can come along as long as they don’t slow you down or try to derail you.

Life is too short to spend it curled up with junk food and trying to eat your fatigue away.

Just thinking about it made my arteries a little harder.

So be prepared. Stay focused and stay on track.

Keep your healthy vision and go out there and grab life by the carrot stick instead of the cheeseburger.


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