Sunday, Sunday….so good to me…


"Sunday, good to me"-two eggs (no oil-140 calories) berries (20) low cal, high fiber toast (35) saute' (no oil, in small skillet-spinach, peppers, onion, mushroom) (24 calories) Turkey bacon (cooked in non stick-no oil-4 slices 100 calories..I ate one on the way to the (30): 349

When I was dieting before or watching what I ate, the weekends were my downfall.

A sure failure to whatever successes I had made the week prior. After all, the weekends around here were sure to include Doritos, fried chicken of some sort and definitely a plate or two of sausage and bacon. I figured once I started eating healthier, those days of pancakes, eggs and bacon…were a distant memory. For some reason I imagined a bowl of twigs, leaves and berries swimming in nearly clear super skim milk flavored water…but that is not true. Sure, you can still eat twigs and leaves if you like and I’m sure a few are even good for you, but as a mother of three and wife of a true carnivore, there has to be a balance on the plate of slaughtered critters versus foilage.

I found I could do this pretty easily during the week. High fiber and low calorie toast, an egg or two, fruits or wheat cereals are easy to whip up. Especially for the kiddos. But for Mama, on the weekends I need a treat. I need a slow down meal that makes me say “I’m easy like Sunday mornin’…”   I want to push away from the table with a satisfied belly that screams FULL and at the same time not served with a side of guilt. Which happened way too often before…

So this is my weekend solution: my 349 calorie wake up that says, Eat, enjoy, relax, take a moment for coffee and reflection over a wonderful, colorful plate…for tomorrow… you work.”


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