One of my newest kitchen gadgets!


I saw these before and could not imagine why anyone would buy one…but I did anyway.

WOW what a great guide for portion control, fixing the perfect over medium egg and the perfect size for a “Barbie Omelette” or a scrambled egg that fits perfectly between two buckwheat pancakes for a quick out the door meal for your kiddos!

I love it. I think it was 5.99 at our local grocery. One 1/4 second spray of  oil and VAVOOOOM! This little sucker is ready to whip up anything from a small portion of sauteed veggies to a one egg scramble.

Easy clean up, no sticking and no oil needed = my new best friend. 🙂

"This tiny saute non stick is handy dandy. Great for mini meals, portion control and making one egg omelettes!"


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