Herbal Loose Tea, my new best friend.


I thought I knew tea.

I bought the fancy packages when Autumn would show its beautiful leaves. I would place the decorative boxes in my shopping cart and place them proudly in my coffee cabinet. Oh the pretty pictures, the stories, the sweet bear reading by the fireplace…ahhhh…bliss.

But I didn’t really know tea until I saw it’s bare little bones.

Today I went to the local food Co-op in the next town close to where I live. I had a few minutes to myself and I had planned on buying some things in “bulk” (which I did) and then began to peruse the herbal remedies aisle and found myself in a little corner tucked behind the vitamins and a whole new world was opened to me.

Jars…BIG jars of twigs, dried leaves and cinnamon sticks waiting on a little shelf. I could smell the aromatic tea potpourri before I even opened my first jar to get a whiff. Scents of cinnamon, oranges, herbs, berries, cloves and precious teas filled the air.

Something woke up in me.

Via nostril.

I was like a kid in a candy store, I picked up jars and examined their contents; shaking them this way and that and seeing what colors sparked my interest.

Well, they all did.

But I chose to keep to just three. I figured I could taste test three and then go back for more. I wasn’t sure how much one scoop of herbal tea that was 31 bucks a pound would cost me so I filled three little bags with one scoop each of three organic loose leaf teas.

I’m a sucker for color, so I left the green leafy teas and went straight for the ones that looked like the leftovers from my flower garden after a good weeding…reds, oranges, twigs, flecks of brown and green.

I was hooked.

I bought a small diffuser, a reusable one and put on the kettle when I got in the door. After my diffuser steeped for about 4 minutes in the cup, I took a drink.

My tongue was thrilled!

I can’t wait to go back and try some more varieties, but maybe this time I will try a bit more because my fear of spending too much was unwarranted…this little supply cost me $1.00 more or less per bag.  A small price to pay for so much deliciousness!!!!

My new best friends: "Cinnamon Orange, Berries Berries and Orange Herbal"


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