Weighing in on my week and some serious self inventory…


Today I had my first weekly weigh in since beginning this healthier lifestyle. While I expected to see a change in my weight, I realized that the weekend had probably left it’s mark. But I had made good choices so I hoped for the best.

All I knew was that I truly felt better. More energetic and even my face felt less puffy. I seemed to be having more energy and I even broke 10,000 steps for the first time on my pedometer yesterday before bedtime!

So I approached today’s weigh in with my head held high and expected the 1-2 pound loss that was projected for me at the onset of my program.

I was happy to see that I had lost over 3 pounds this past week!

And without starving or making myself worn out from over exercising. I did it with beautiful, vibrant, colors on my plate and without denying myself the occasional sweet or carbohydrate now and then. It feels really good to succeed at something I always had doubts about.

For some reason, I just always felt that calorie counting and portion control would not work for me. It seemed like such an old method. I remember my mother counting calories when I was young and it seemed archaic to think that I could be utilitzing a program that has been around that long. It also seemed not “extreme” enough. I was used to going lo-carb and denying myself anything white, breadlike or fruity. I was also used to feeling tired, hungry and anxious on past dieting ventures.

Not so this time. I found that by logging everything I ate into a journal and then photographing my recipes, plates of food and sharing it with the public, made it easier.

Maybe it’s my age, maybe it’s the forty-zillion times I have tried before and failed, maybe it is just sheer determination and a desire to get into my old jeans and out of the plus size department, but I feel for the first time that I am in control of my weight destiny. I am the one that makes the decisions on what goes into my mouth. I am the one that says “NO” when emotions want to get the best of me and I want to seek comfort in the arms of a jelly donut or a bowl of potato chips.

For years, I blamed my metabolism, my thyroid cancer, my bones and my genetics. But I was born a 6.5 pound baby. I was a normal sized child. I grew at a rate that was average and I am above average in height. My bones are medium, my metabolism is fine and the biggest issue with my weight gain was my lack of control over the food that entered my mouth. I ate when I was bored, I ate when I was nervous and I ate when I was happy. 

To put it simply, I ate.

A lot.

Whether from emotional eating, social eating or eating too much of “good for you” foods, I did it to myself and it’s going to take myself to get me back to where I need to be. There is no magic diet, no quick fix. This has to be a lifestyle change. A mindset that says, “You want it, go get it. It will not come to you.”

I always prided myself on cooking good food at home for my family. I still do take satisfaction in knowing that my family is eating well, I just need to portion control and make better choices in the cuts of meat I use and the way I prepare that good wholesome food. With just a little extra thought and preparation I will be improving the health of my entire family and that is definitely something to be proud of.

One thing I have learned this week: Water is integral in weight loss ;it curbs your hunger, makes for clear skin and it sure is easier to clean out of glasses than chocolate milk. 😉


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