Surviving the Superbowl and other Social Situations that tempt the tastebuds…


Whew! I made it.

Yep, I worried that the Monday after the Superbowl (aka “wang day” as my 14 year old son Benjamin calls it) I would wake up and find myself tipping the scales back where I started from last Tuesday with a four pound weight gain. But alas, I did NOT! GO me!

I worked hard at making a Superbowl spread that would be filling as well as tasty and I think this year because I added so much color with fresh vegetables and fruits, I was drawn to the “good-for-me” things instead of the traditional high fat and high calorie party foods.

This year we went easy, A “Baked Potato Bar” with fillings of Picadillo, (great Cuban dish with olives, raisins, meat, cloves etc…FULL of flavor) low fat cheese, LF sour cream, Turkey bacon, steamed brocolli, salsa and even BBQ turkey meatballs!

We agreed that there would be no desserts because the fruits would suffice. We had cut apples, navel oranges and Asian Pears sliced for the masses. A veggie tray of red peppers, celery and carrots would be great for dipping in the low calorie crab dip my daughter Lydia and I came up with on short notice.

While we still had the traditional “Wing Fest” we did it all from scratch, no mixes, no marinades and no pre seasoned poultry made it’s way into our kitchen. My husband made the Buffalo sauce, Honey BBQ, Teriyaki and traditional Rubbed wings by the half dozen in our oven using small iron skillets to finish them with sauce after their initial cook time.

I did not have a single one and what would have traditiaonally been a 4 beer + game event for me, I couldn’t even drink half of my 64 calorie light beer. I was too busy enjoying the vegetables and fruits!

All in all a great change of pace. A party spread I would gladly do again for family night or a get together with friends with games. Easy, low in calories and most of it, if not all of it, actually GOOD for you!

“Superbowl Sunday Spread” Baked Potato bar and lo-cal fixin’s. Turkey meatballs, chips, strawberries, turkey bacon crumbles, veggie tray, fruits, steamed brocolli, salsa, sour cream and crab dip. (Not pictured: Picadillo, baked potatoes and baked chicken wings)

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