No longer President of the Clean Plate Club…


I think maybe in the past 48 years of my life, I have left food on my plate three times…no kidding. I just always finish, it feels like the right thing to do. Even if I am full, I will not push away from my plate until every morsel is gone, I’ve even tasted the garnish before!

"This is Saturday Brunch at the Rigneys" 4- 4" wheat pancakes (50 calories each), Sugar Free pancake syrup (30 calories for 1/4 cup) , thick slice turkey bacon (35 calories a slice) and strawberries (2) that along with a piping hot cup of delicious coffee with Stevia and hazelnut creamer (sugar free) is a calorie total of: 435. But this is BRUNCH I will not eat again until dinner and I will have two 100 calorie snacks in between.

So my new goal this week to add to my already existing goals of moving more, drinking water and not buying diet drinks is going to be to leave ONE BITE of food on my plate. It is really hard to do too! I’m drawn to the little tidbit, that little vittle that waits there for me, calls me and wants me to consume it’s tastiness…so breaking free from my compulsion to remain as the President of the Clean Plate Club is holding on to me pretty tightly.

I guess I have passed this down to my kids too. When they were little, it felt as if they didn’t eat well if there was much to scrape from their plates. Often I would even keep them there to finish it all and be a member of the Clean Plate Club. I think I believed I was doing them a favor, I was doing the best for them by insuring they ate well, but in the long run I suppose I was just teaching them to eat when they are not hungry.

So this past few months, when my kids have said they were “finished” I have just said “okay, go scrape your plate”, even when there was quite a bit of food left. Because I knew that eating when you are full really is not a good thing to practice, but I still kept doing it to myself.

So from now on, this is my goal: to leave ONE bite on my plate. To push back from the table and declare that it is okay to leave a remnant, it is not an insult to the cook or going to break my pocket-book if I toss a little food out. Maybe even the dog might get a treat now and then!

But I better watch out, or I’ll have an overweight dog on my hands. 🙂

Try one thing a week to do that is something you CAN do. Don’t try to do things that are just what other people are doing, fashionable or beyond your reach. I KNOW I am not ready to give up Diet Drinks for good, but I can stop buying them for the house. Then if I go out and I want one, I can have one without worrying that my children may drink artificial sweeteners, which I do not want them to consume.

I learned a while ago, if I buy it, I will eat it. Or drink it.

A friend told me this week that calorie counting doesn’t have to be the chore you hear about…it can even be a daily “game” and she is right. I try to look at it as balancing my budget for the day and if I have anything left over, that’s good and if I only break even, I’m still good!

So it’s going to be hard work this weekend. The big game, visiting family and my first weekend trying to keep my calorie count! For those of us with a houseful of kids and family on the weekends, it can be difficult to stick to limits on our calories, fat and carb intakes…but keep on keepin’ on, that scale will call on Monday morning.

Onward and Upward!

MY NEW GOAL! leaving one bite. So far so good!


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