HELP! I’m out of berries!


Today I had to reach in my freezer for some color to add to my eggs. So this blend of peppers and onions did the trick for 10 calories (or less) 1 cup was 25 and I used about 1/4 cup, then added 1 TBS of real bacon crumbles, two eggs and VOILA! Beatiful breakfast! With my low calorie toast (40 calories and a light cheese wedge) 35 calories…a total of 269! Combining some walking today with  my mid morning snack. Looking forward to a great weekend. But first, I have to buy more berries! I miss them!

Lunch today will be another spinach salad with oranges and strawberries and turkey and mustard on one slice of LC bread.

Snacks will be apples and peanut butter and carrots with peanut butter.

Dinner will be something good and HOT. Not sure yet, but I see a fresh taco in my future! Thinking it may be taco night here at the Rigney house. Nothing satisfies like fresh ground beef or turkey and crisp delicious veggies and spice!

Red and yellow pepper egg scramble...yum!


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