Don’t get in a pickle! Prevent the “Hungries” before they start!


We’ve all been there.

You forgot to eat lunch and you’re starving…you drive through for fast food thinking “I will just get water and a side salad” and before you know it you’re up to your elbows in Hot Mustard, Fried chicken parts and french fries. It’s only natural to eat when we’re hungry. So it’s inevitable that we will resort to old habits, if we wait too long to eat and our minds start to lose their ability to hold onto that vision we have for ourselves…I’ve done it so many times…

So today, before I headed to a nearby town for my son to have his Biology Lab at college, I packed this quick meal. Then I tossed it in my daughters lunch bag she left at home today. Along with a Diet Coke I bought on the way, (I know this is a no-no but I treated myself to it anyway as I have not bought any for over a week)…then I set out on my adventure, armed and prepared.

After I let my son out of the car, I headed to the local mall and parked at the far end…I walked briskly in there for 30 minutes and managed to log 3,096 steps onto my other 1500 I had already for my morning!  Then when I was done, I headed back to the car, had my picnic and then went on to face grueling traffic and fetch my son.

I made it home without wanting to eat my shirt, or check the floorboards for petrified french fries!

Then I even went to the grocery and stuck to my list. It was a miraculous day!

Turkey tacos on the menu for dinner tonight and when I came in the door I had one lean meat slice on one piece of LC bread, just to make sure my protiens and carbs stayed on the right level. I even had enough energy to vacuum the car, clean the floor mats and wipe down the interior!

Now I’m ready to face the weekend!

I’m already preparing for Superbowl Sunday with an idea:

 A Potato Bar featuring only low fat or No fat cheeses, sourcream, veggies, and even steamed brocolli and turkey chili for a topping…and we are trying “skinless” Buffalo wings for the big game along with our jazzed up potatoes and fresh cut fruits and vegetables! Hearty games call for hearty foods but there is a way to do it and still stick to your guns.

Happy Super Bowl Weekend! May all your balls be laces out!

My meal on the GO-GO!



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