“Losin’ it” – with Friends…


Just because you are eating differently doesn’t mean you have to exclude yourself or your home from your friends. Sure, in the past maybe your breakfasts included a plate of extra crispy bacon, sausage, creamy grits and butter and a stack of biscuits and a bowl of scrambled eggs and that was just the first helping! But, there are ways to make a good spread and still have enough to eat and talk for an hour or two over hot coffee and tea while still keeping the conversations fueled with energy.

Today I had two friends over for an impromptu breakfast…it was a “BYOB” type thing, I was serving a few things and if you wanted anything different, you could bring your own breakfast.

One of my friends brought her yogurt and granola and then I cooked her an egg as a sidecar. My other friend brought oranges to slice along with the fruit I had already and together between the three of us we had a great low calorie/lowfat breakfast that we could liesurely eat and chat side by side for nearly two hours!

I love those times, those times when you have those special people in your life over and it doesn’t matter if your house is spic ‘n span, or if your clean laundry is piled on your bed. Those people that understand the reason there are no spoons in the drawer is because your kids keep throwing them away by accident, you’re out of glasses because your three kids have glass menageries in their rooms and they are fine with the old family dog waiting for crumbs to drop by their feet.

Those are great friends.

I will keep them.

So today, I decided instead of eating breakfast out like we usually do, we would weigh in at my house and begin our journey to weight loss and healthier living together. So the scales were brought into the kitchen and we weighed before our plates were filled.  While I am already a member of a small group working on healthier lifestyles at the gym I belong to, having dear friends that are on board with healthier living certainly will keep the temptations at bay when making breakfast plans.

My prior breakfast would have been 2 scrambled eggs, (sometimes with cheese), 4 strips of “extra crispy” bacon, biscuits, gravy and hashbrowns…most likely a 650 calorie breakfast, over half of what my intake is now for the day.

Today I kept to my diet plan and had two eggs on a nonstick griddle (no oil) one piece of 40 calorie flax seed bread, a handful of sliced strawberries and pink navel orange and two slices of fresh tomato. Right at 234 calories including the creamer in my coffee of which I had THREE, I had to keep my jaws movin’ so for me caffeine was my drug of choice this beautiful morning.

I put out a spread of things to choose from that I think were pretty awesome! It looked tasty and it was all good for us!

I put out things that I knew were healthy or low calorie as options for toast...I had these out along with griddled eggs and low calorie toast, bagels and english muffins that my friend Marylou brought with her. Did you know that 1/3 fat Cream cheese only has 70 calories for 1/8 of an entire brick? I love fruit, having that as part of every meal really brightens my plate and as my friend Sheri said in a previous comment...."presentation is everything!"



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