Tuesdays start…I can do this!


Day #3.

Today I bypassed eggs, (to avoid a bypass…lol) and decided to go the cereal route. With so many cereals out there offering low fat, no trans fats, low carb, no sugar etc…I opted for Posts new Shredded Wheat “Natural Advantage” cereal this morning. No salt and No sugar. It has two ingredients. Whole grain wheat and Wheat bran. No additives not wierd stuff.

8Grams of fiber, 200 calories for 1 1/4 cup which is a good portion. I only used 2/3 of a cup. ZERO sodium too! plus 80 mgs of magnesium.

I love berries, all kinds. So for now my fridge has Strawberries, next week it may be blackberries or blueberries. But this week, I’m lovin’ these fresh, ripe strawberries. So I started out with 3 medium ones, sliced them and put them over my 2/3 cup of shredded wheat, (the serving size is 1 and 1/4 cups, but I didn’t want that much, I saved my calories for toast) sprinkled on 1/2 a packet of Stevia, then topped with 1/2 a cup of 2% milk. I’m not big on milk, so just 4 ounces was fine with me. Then I toasted 1 slice of 40 calorie whole wheat bread and topped it with 1 nice cool wedge of Light Laughing Cow cheese. Had my second cup of coffee with the other half of the Stevia packet and a dash of sugar free creamer.

But first, before I ate, I had my B-12 sublingual, a full glass of water with my Vitamin C supplement added (5 calories)

So far a great start to my Tuesday!

My 273 calorie breakfast! Wheat cereal, strawberries (3) 1/2 cup of milk, coffee, 40 calorie toast and one wedge of light spreadable cheese! Plus delicious coffee and a 12 ounce glass of water.


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