I’ll Show You Mine, If You Show Me Yours….



Also known as my refrigerator.

I go to it almost religiously. In my house, it seems visiting the “fridge” is almost zen like; for some reason the fridge has a power over each of us to open it, stand in front of it and stare. We do this more than once. Often times, we have a viewing, only to go back moments later as if we had temporary amnesia and an unrelenting need to do inventory of it’s cooled contents.

Then we leave, come back for another inspection a short time later.

I started doing an overhaul on my refrigerator this past weekend, sorting through things that I felt were too old, or too high in calories or additives, I’m not quite sure if I am done culling out the bad for you foods, but I’m close. Butter will remain in my fridge as it is required in some of the recipes I use and I just do not like the idea of “chemistry” butter alternatives, I  would rather do without. But I do have one small tub of Butter and Olive Oil spread I keep for the table if the kids want to have a buttered roll or bread. So that is definitely a new addition.

Vegetable juice: generic, name-brand, any kind will do. I do love a hot spicy non-alcoholic Bloody Mary now and then, as well as the hopped up version.

Apples: They are probably my favorite fruit next to Strawberries. You can do so much with them and they are already so sweet you can bake them and eat them as a dessert with hardly anything added. I slice them in halves and have one with a TBS of peanut butter, divy them up for snacks in the kids lunchboxes and I suppose they come in more flavor varieties and colors than Skittles!

I use brown eggs most of the time, I just like ’em. They also have a thicker shell which means they are less likely to break on my Indy 500 drive home. 

My fridge used to call my name all day long, I would reach in and bring out chunks of cheese, deli meat, high fat yogurts and just about anything my manhand hot-dog fingers could wrap around…but now I plan more. I have bags of carrots, cut apples, Romaine lettuce leaves, fresh cheese slices, low fat lunch meats, peppers, light cheeses and fruit and vegetables that are fresh and easy to prepare for a snack.

I did this for me and my family. Now our visit to the fridge isn’t spent “looking” for something good, it’s already there!


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