The end of the day…


Well finishing up the day, I think I clocked in at about 1100 calories, a little yoga, 1/2 mile on the treadmill and a total of 6,324 steps logged in on my pedometer. All in all, a pretty decent day. I hope to increase to 1 mile three days per week and yoga or something twice next week. Then increase as I can as I go along.

A great dinner with the kids, we had Swai fish filets, cabbage and tomatoes (I used the new Hunt’s Arrabiatta spicy pepper tomatoes for a kick!) and baby spinach with some Fat Free dressing.

Then while watching TV I had the great treat of a 25 calorie popsicle!

I’ve got enough cabbage and tomatoes to last me the next few days as a side dish and the entire pan only has 400 calories or less! It’s a great “go to” side for just about anything! Or you can add V-8 and make it into a quick vegetable soup or add leftover roast beef for vegetable beef soup! Nice, spicy and very filling!

Looking for something new to do with cabbage? Try it shredded in a skillet with canned tomatoes, sliced onion and a splash of Worcestershire and Soy. Cook til tender, covered. THIS ENTIRE PAN only has 400 calories!

If you’re looking for a new fish to try that is inexpensive  and easy to fix, try Swai. Easy to prepare, I simply placed the half-thawed filets on a cookie sheet with lemon juice and paprika and baked on 350* for 25 minutes. Then served with lemon juice, cabbage ‘n tomatoes, whole wheat macaroni and cheese (for the kids) and a small baby spinach salad.

Swai filets, baby spinach salad, cabbage 'n tomatoes


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