Myths, lies and alibis that hold us back…


I used to think that I had to have on “special” clothes to exercise.


I just finished .5 miles on the treadmill waiting for my son to shower this morning in my size 22 blue jeans. However, it is integral to have good supportive footwear; also while I may be able to get by in a pair of jeans for a quick walk, anything requiring heavy exercise needs a good elastic waistband, flexible clothing and a good pair of athletic shoes and I highly recommend gel insoles for anyone on the over 200 pound side like me.

 It makes your arches cry less.

I will start buying better food once I eat all “this other stuff” up”…


IF that food is not good for you, don’ t eat it. Donate it. By the time you finish it, you may have gained another pound eating it up to get rid of it. Make the decision, stick to it and try to not buy them again. NO matter how much your kids beg you, because if you buy it…you WILL eat it. It may not be today, but when you are feeling that emotional need to pacify your psyche’ and there are delicious, spongey, sweet,  Twinkies calling your name, you will answer their call and you will eat them. Plus, if they are not good for you, are they really good for your kids to have that often?  Let them have those special childhood treats at someone elses house.


“Everybody will laugh at me if I walk or exercise at a gym or walk outside.”


(I tried this one on myself)

Don’t believe that for a minute. Being someone that frequents a gym more often than I used to and someone that sees people of all sizes walking in her neighborhood…I never think that or laugh at anyone. Anyone that is exercising at a gym realizes the dedication it takes to get there and they are probably excited to see you there. You may be their inspiration for the day! Anyone and anywhere that thinks otherwise, tell the management and find a new gym.

“I think I will lose weight “first” and then exercise”.


I used this one too.

For years.

I’m still fat.

There is no better time than when you are changing your eating habits than to incorporate some movement. Even just a little, maybe a walk or moving your arms more lifting light weights, something that stimulates your cardio just a bit can improve, increase and bring on faster weight loss as well as create mood lifting results!

“I don’t have enough room in my home to exercise”.


Push ups, leg lifts, small weights, yoga, Pilates…it all takes very little room. You do NOT need a treadmill to lose weight. It helps, especially on those rainy days or days where you just don’t feel like showering before you venture out to the gym, but you can do exercises in a very small space that takes up only the length of a yoga mat.

I’m too big for yoga. Yoga is for skinny people.”


Well, I tried it. I think I have gone about 5 times and I am not skinny. In fact I weight 250 pounds! Sure, I may not be able to keep up or get into the positions that some of the more flexible people can, but showing up, stretching, it’s good for me! Finding time that sometimes is difficult when sessions that suit your level of flexibility are not available, but just ask a good yoga instructor and they can recommend a DVD that you can use in your home when you can’t make it to the studio. I highly recommend Yoga for anyone with high stress, limited flexibility or a small area for exercise. It is good for the body, mind and soul and the cost is relatively inexpensive in comparison to larger gyms. However, some larger gyms offer yoga as a free class as an amenity so you should check all your options.

“I am what I am. Love me or leave me. I’m tired of trying to lose weight”.


I have said this so many times that it became my personal mantra for my 30 year high school reunion prep.

I had become so tired. So defeated by the rigors of failure that I just could not do it anymore. I officially threw in the towel and then covered up my surrender with a big “I yam what I yam”  declaration in an effort to look as if I had finally accepted myself and anyone who was trying to be anything other than  flabby, forty-ish and full of themselves was just fooling themselves.

In a way I suppose they were, if they were struggling to look good “only” for their reunion, because that is pretty shallow. Doing this effort, going to the gym, watching your calorie intake and planning healthier meals is not something you do as a part time job and expect long term results and the effort should be because you love yourself, not for anyone else to appreciate your hard work for an evening of  “Prom 1981”- revisited.

So when you think you can’t, you can.

When you think you are not worth it, you are.

When you want to surrender, hang in there.

Things will get better, things will change and you are indeed worthy of a healthy body. We all started out as 6 pound bundles of joy, with all the world at our finger tips.

We needed only to reach.

Keep reaching!



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