It all begins with a good plan…


"Breakfast of Champions" Day #2

This is all new to me, this calorie counting and journaling of what I put in my mouth.

So for me, it works best to plan a day ahead if I can.

Today I started out with one slice of 40 calorie bread, one egg (just a drizzle of olive oil for no sticking), four strawberries and my 2 cups of coffee. It fueled me for hours. This was about 154 calories. Plus a pint of water.

I missed my mid morning snack as I was at the doctor with my son and by the time I returned home it was lunch time.

For lunch I had 4 romaine lettuce leaves, 3 oz of deli turkey and mustard wraps and 4 strawberries again, along with a pint of water. This was less than 200 calories. Plus a pint of water.


I will have a snack later of 1/2 apple and peanut butter (1 tbs) (120 calories) plus a pint of water.

Then for dinner we are having Swai Fish filets, (broiled with lemon) and cooked cabbage with tomatoes and a slice of 40 calorie bread. (less than 500 calories), plus a pint of water.

Before bed, when I am watching something on the telly, I will have a 25 calorie popsicle and call it a day…


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